Candlelight, 27 Years and Counting

John Yakich and Robert Sanderson saw a specialty in the market that requested a great semi-custom item that could be mass-delivered to keep costs focused. So in 1990, Robert Sanderson and John Yakich set up Candlelight Cabinetry.

Candlelight Cabinetry can in this way be named a semi-custom to custom line that offers at beneath custom costs. Candlelight fulfills this by utilizing imaginative creation methods to wed enterprising nature with superb craftsmanship.

Focused on building the nearby economy, Candlelight gladly fabricates in the Niagara district of upstate New York.

These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Standard box is particleboard but can be upgraded to an all plywood box. MDF used in the cabinets must be certified to meet lowest formaldehyde emission standards 
  • Hardwoods must be certified through an independent and credible sustainable forestry program
  • A documented energy conservation program must be in place
  • A written Environmental Management System must be available and enforced
  • An active recycling program for process wastes must be in place
  • All federal, state and local environmental requirements must be observed
  • The manufacturer must demonstrate community involvement and leadership through service or charitable organizations.

It is a rigorous process that helps guarantee that everyone is doing their part to provide you with sustainable cabinetry products.

Select Cherry

Our Cherry is “Select” grade, hand-sanded and hand-rubbed to bring out the deep rich grain patterns unique to this cherished wood. Known as the cabinet makers wood, cherry has been a traditional American favorite for generations. Its beauty and practicality ensure that cherry will be valued for years to come. Study carefully the superior quality of Candlelight's “select” cherry usually found only in cabinets costing much more.

Quarter-sawn White Oak

The desire for this wood lies in its distinctive grain pattern. Stately vertical grains run parallel to each other, broken only by Medullary Ray Fleck - unique to Quarter-sawn White Oak, adding a touch of interest by refracting light. Alluring aesthetics and superior structural qualities of Quarter-sawn White Oak are what moved great artisans to use it, especially during the craftsman era. Rediscover the age of true quality craftsmanship right in your own kitchen!

Select Red Birch

Select Red Birch is perhaps Candlelight's most unique wood. Red Birch is selected only from the golden brown heartwood of the birch tree. The grain patterns tend to be more interesting because the red birch is selected from the center of the tree. When finished in natural or honey glow stain, the grain patterns take on a burnished, sometimes iridescent look. Your choice of Candlelight's select red birch provides uniquely beautiful and interesting cabinetry for your home.

Rustic Cherry

Cherry is most often chosen for its elegant grain patterns and sophisticated look. But Candlelight's Rustic Cherry reveals another dimension to this surprisingly versatile wood. With a higher tolerance for grain variation, knots and mineral marks, it's these imperfections that give our Rustic Cherry such warmth and character.



Our Walnut is steamed, blending lighter sapwood with deeper heartwood. Colors offer a high contrast, ranging from creamy brown to a beautiful dark chocolate brown with rich purplish undertones. Black walnut is normally straight grained and is noted for its beautiful grain character, producing more figure variation than any other wood.


If you are looking for the rustic, durable cabinetry, consider Candlelight's hickory wood. The extreme color variations and interesting grain patterns give hickory its unique rustic look. The natural mineral marks also lend additional interest and character to this beautiful wood. Among the hardest woods available in North America, this wood selection will ensure years of durability.

Select Maple

Candlelight's hard maple is graded to the level of “select.” This durable wood features a very delicate grain pattern that blends well with all decorating motifs from traditional to contemporary. When Candlelight's Maple is finished with our light or Niagara Mist stains, the delicate grain patterns and create a burnished look. No matter the finish, expect a lifetime of beauty and durability from this popular hardwood.

Select Red Oak

One of America's most plentiful and popular hardwoods, this strong, versatile breed can be used to accent any decor.


Rustic Hickory

Hickory is well-suited for rustic decor styles due to the nature of its grain patterns. Candlelight's Rustic-grade Hickory turns it up a notch with greater variation and contrast in wood grains, along with a greater tolerance for knots and mineral marks. Rustic Hickory is the perfect choice to create the warmth of a rustic cabin feel.


Silver Birch

Silver Birch is the ideal wood for moderate pricing combined with beauty and quality. Its fine-textured heartwood is creamy white to light tan in color, often with a delicate pink or golden hue. Its subtle grains have a lustrous quality, and it uniformly accepts many of our standard stains. Available in Sage, Prairie and Express door styles, Silver Birch can be yours as either a flat or raised panel door.