Cambria Quartz

Cambria introduces several new designs in several distinct collections, this now allows for 133 designs in all our collections.

The Marble, Swainbridge, Carick, and Weybourne collection only enhance Cambria’s already extensive Marble collection. Cambria elegant marble palette. Cambria offers the classic sought after sophistication of marble without and any of the normal maintenance and surpasses marble for its durability. Cambria is now an international manufacturing company. The new addition of the Cambria Brand of quartz is unparalleled for quartz surfacing. Customers and our business partners can select the rich beauty and timeless allure of our new Britannica and Ella from the marble collection.

The Cambria Gallery in Palm Desert located in the heart of Palm Deserts most upscale shopping district. The gallery brings the most beautiful designs to an area where homeowners are trade professionals can dream, design, plan and collaborate. From the marble collection Fairbourne and Ramsly and the classic look of marble and offer upscale elegance without the concern of high maintenance.

Like all Desert designs the Manchester, Dunmark, and Kirkstead provide beautiful subtle sophistication and adaptability, as these designs empathize the ever changing relationships between “Sand and Rocky Shores” The Coastal collection distinguishes itself by grand and vast organic movement of flowing throughout each design creating a masterful clashing of rock, sand, and water. These designs illustrate a balance of neutral tones with striking variation and glistening streams. At one time this technology was impossible for quartz, but now it has been achieved.

Cambria solidifies its position as the leader in color innovation, introducing 12 classic new designs, Cambria designs now total nearly 100 some of the collection features shimmering crystals from deep